In her quest to inspire, enlighten, and find truths, Rebecca formally coached or mentored over 200 people from over 35 countries in her time as a personal development coach. Here is what some of them had to say about this experience with Rebecca.


  • "You have a must use it in the world."  Multiple Academy Award-winner, LA
  • " changed me forever. I see everything in my life clearly now. Anything is possible." United Nations Dept. Chief, Haiti
  • "...I have 360 degrees of freedom now."  Post Doctorate, NYU Medical School
  • "In one session you shifted my whole life direction a quarter turn. This has been transformative."  Record-setting, MTV Award-nominated Music Video Director
  • "Genius...Rebecca, you are gifted."  Grammy-nominated VP, Sony Music
  • "I get goose bumps when people are this good this early."  Teacher, Master Executive Coach for IBM Executives
  • "...Everyone rated you as 'Excellent' (the highest mark available) in every category."  Global Nonprofit Project Manager


“With you I feel I can dream out loud! …Rebecca, words can’t describe how grateful and privileged I am to have you in my life. I’ve come over so many things and gracefully I’m finding my identity. Your teachings are a great benefit of things I’ve never been taught. I feel like I've had two lives. One before meeting you, and a new one, after.”  New York Foster Care Youth


“After I talk with you my body feels lighter. You have a way of integrating different perspectives to situations that bring healing and room for reflection and new insights. On the other hand you have the ability to use silence and questions that make me find answers for myself, reminding me that ultimately, everything I need is inside me.”  San Francisco, National Inner City Youth Program


"Rebecca! I just want to thank you personally again for everything you did for me and my friends at the retreat. I just felt so great and happy and re-energized after your coaching session. I looked at life in a totally different way. It was amazing. I don't know how you did it but you also made me cry tears of joy!"  International Youth Leadership Retreat